First off, thanks so much for taking the time to stop by learn about and my work and me. I'm Daniel Crouse, a designer based in the Lower Paxton area near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Illustration is one of my greatest joys. There's a variety of styles and people who inspire my illustration but, while I consider the best options for each scenario, I personally love a gritty, down to earth look. Other passions I have would be animation, 3D modeling and rendering, and any graphics intensive projects. I earned my B.F.A. in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and am available for full-time design work, as well as looking to begin freelance and commissions. 
The part of the design process that I love most is the conceptual phase. Even as projects are nearing their end I will be thinking of new angles that could be applied to future works, if not the current one. Being open to working with all kinds of mediums and crafting physical, interactive pieces is also important to me. I've illustrated with wood, precisely cut and broke glass, and slaved over creating unique folds. Interactive pieces are a big deal for me because they help deliver a similar joy that animations and games bring people.
Beyond just design passions, I maintain a calm and upbeat personality. When approached with new scenarios I usually meet them either with a non-biased, open-minded, level headed perspective ... or obvious excitement. Finding moments to take my time is important to me; for example, like when I'm choosing words. I'm careful about what I say and take time to consider things as I'm saying them. As a side note, expressions like rad, interstellar, and right on are absolutely essential when appropriate.
On multiple occasions I've been recognized for my blue eyes, long lashes, bassy voice, or curly hair. They've all at one point earned me either boundless compliments or unending envy. I played a tenor sax named Susie growing up, and if you ever join me at karaoke I'm an absolute star. Longboarding, vegging out at movies, and playing games are all pastimes of mine. The games can be digital or tabletop and are often indie, and I could maybe even DM some D&D 5e if you needed.
Thanks again for stopping by and getting to know my work and me. If any of this connects with you on some level feel free to get in touch with me at danielc@dcrouse.com, I'll be excited to hear from you.
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